Sunday, January 22, 2017

Practice Schedule Week of January 23rd

19 Days to Sectionals
Last Week of Morning Practices

Monday  6:00am Tabata in the Balcony
               6:45am Turn Practice
               3:30pm Goal Setting
               3:45-4:30 J.V. Practice
               3:45-6:00 Varsity

Tuesday  6:00am Insanity
               6:55am Mental Training
              3:45-4:30 J.V. Practice
               3:45-6:00 Varsity

Wednesday  6:00am Tabata in the Balcony
               6:45am Stroke Dills Practice
               3:30pm Goal Setting
               3:45-4:30 J.V. Practice
               3:45-6:00 Varsity

Thursday 6:00am Insanity
               6:55am Mental Training
              3:45-4:30 Last J.V. Practice
               3:45-5:30 Varsity
               5:30 YOGA

Friday   Madison East Dual Meet
              Parents and Senior Night
             3:30 Finish Setting up Pool
             4:00 Warm-up
             5:30 Start

Saturday Madison Invite
               UW-Madison Natatorium
             11:00am Team Meeting
             11:30am Bus Leaves
              3:00 Meet Starts

Weekend Summary Double Dual & Platteville

Even though we were missing three varsity swimmers, the team gave Parker and Madison West very strong meets. Finishing 3rd at Platteville shows how strong our depth is this year. The team had some very strong swims by all.

Friday the TIDE lost to Janesville Parker in our dual meet, we did make them earn it. Having to change lineup gave kids an opportunity to swim something different and we found out that we are even stronger than expected.

Final Scores:
Janesville Parker 93 Beloit 77.
#2 Madison West 123 Beloit 39

Notable Swims:
1st Places: Jackson Prowse 200 Free 100 Breast; Jim Santas 100 Back; 200 Free Relay Will Kolbucar, Ryan Santas, Nathan Sill, Jackson Prowse.

Barriers Broke:
Jim Santas sub 1:00 100 Back 59.23
Max Saladar sub 1:10 100 Breaststroke 1:08.98

The TIDE swam it's 7th meet in 16 days. We continued strong performances. The TIDE placed at least one swimmer in the top 8 in each event with at least one medalist in each individual event.

Final Score:
Sauk Prairie Coop 455
Hononegah 408
Beloit 375
Madison Edgewood 313
Rockford Auburn 230
Burlington Coop 185
Platteville Coop 158
LaCrosse Coop 113
Delavan-Darien 80

Top 8 Finish:
200 Medley Relay:
6th A Medley Relay Kyle Raisbeck, Max Saladar, Nathan Sill, Jim Santas 1:52.39
8th B Medley Relay Ryan Santas, Smith Mayse, Omar Cancino, Will Kolbucar 1:55.15

200 Free 6th Tyler Davis 2:00.48  8th CJ Light 2:06.58

100 I.M. 5th Nathan Sill 1:03.94   6th Max Saladar 1;04.06

200 I.M. 5th Jackson Prowse 2:15.73   7th Ryan Santas 2:17.94   8th Omar Cancino 2:19.89

50 Free  4th Will Kolbucar 24.56

100 Fly 8th Nathan Sill 1:02.36

100 Free 4th  Jim Santas 53.26

500 Free 4th Tyler Davis 5:29.70  7th Adam Mianecki 5:46.97

200 Free Relay
4th  A Relay; Will Kolbucar, Max Saladar, Jackson Prowse, Nathan Sill 1:38.57

100 Back  5th Jim Santas 1:01.33  8th Kyle Raisbeck 1:05.17

100 Breast 3rd Jackson Prowse 1:06.39

400 Free Relay:
5th A Relay; Ryan Santas, Jim Santas, Kyle Raisbeck, Jackson Prowse 3:43.77

The TIDE next meets
Last Home Meet is Friday January 27th 
Madison East at 5:30pm
It will also be Parents and Senior Night

Saturday January 28th at the Madison Invite 
UW Natatorium 3:00pm

Beloit Strong
Beloit Proud

Thursday, January 19, 2017

East TIDE wins Dual City Title

East TIDE won it's 4th straight Dual City title and 7th in the last 9 years.

All TIDE swimmers East and West Swam very well, as Beloit dominated many of the events.

Final Team Scores:
East TIDE               194
Janesville Marshall 169
Janesville Franklin  125
Janesville Edison      90
West TIDE                48

East TIDE won 1st places in 7 of the 9 events and placed at least two swimmers in the top 6 of each event. The TIDE was lead by a fast start in winning the 200 Medley Relay in a new program record of 2:01.01. The relay members all 8th graders was Faith Sill, Sydney Prowse, Noa Levy, and Jayda Bessell. They broke the old record by more than two seconds.

Faith Sill and Sydney Prowse also won two events each; Faith the 50 Fly and 50 Back also new program records and Sydney the 200 Free and 50 Breaststroke. Noa won the 100 I.M. and Jayda the 50 Free.

Top 8 finishes by Beloit TIDE Swimmers:

200 Medley Relay:
1st Place ET: Sill, Prowse, Levy, Bessell  2:01.01 Program Record
4th Place ET; Landon, DeKok, Jacobsen, Kovac 2:28.98
7th Place WT: Terrell, Salinas, Montiel, Traver 2:49.76

200 Free;
1st Place Sydney Prowse ET  2:18.73
5th Place Paige Kovac ET 2:39.06

100 I.M.
1st Place Noa Levy ET 1:08.86
4th Place Rebecca DeKok ET 1:23.00
8th Place Ashlyn Yadon WT  1:46.91

50 Free
1st Place Jadya Bessell ET  27.94
6th Place Katie Kraemer ET 32.76

50 Fly
1st Place Faith Sill ET 28.22   Program Record
4th Place Kaylen Miller ET 37.66
5th Place Jasmin Montiel WT 38.96

100 Free
2nd Place Jayda Bessell ET 1:00.81 Program Record
6th Place Paige Kovac ET 1:13.02

50 Back
1st Place Faith Sill ET 29.09 Program Record
3rd Place Krissy Landon ET 36.70
7th Place Hayleigh Terrell WT 41.09
8th Place Mia Harrell WT 42.47

50 Breaststroke
1st Place Sydney Prowse ET 34.51
2nd Place Makenzie Jacobsen ET 37.23

200 Free Relay
2nd Place ET;  Levy, DeKok, Kraemer, Jacobsen, 2:02.12
6th Place ET: Claire Czonek, Kaylin Dilley, Kaylen Miller, Krissy Landon 2:22.44

All TIDE swimmers should now be going back to Beloit TIDE USA practices or joining the Krueger Summer Swim Team. Great season, now lets keep it going!! 
8th Graders high school swimming starts in August.
 See You in the POOL... 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More from Olivier Leroy "Mental Toughness"

Hey there!

Want a simple trick to be 10% mentally tougher?

(Why 10%? I’m not sure…but it felt like a good, round number to roll with, so bare with me for a hot moment.)

We all want to be categorized as someone who is mentally tough.

After all, some swimmers are born with talent and power-forward genetics…

But mental toughness is something you control.

It’s something you are.

Mental toughness is something we all want more have, but aren’t entirely sure how to go about it.

So we read the stories of swimmers who perform feats that require mental toughness.

And we read all about the theory about mental toughness.

And all the research on it, and how effective and how much a deal-breaker it can be.

But if you really want to be mentally tougher…

And I am pretty sure you do…

It starts by deciding to be tougher.


That simple.

Okkkaaaayy, you’re probably thinking. Sounds nice… But how do I do that?

How do you make the decision?

Well, you get a dozen or so opportunities in practice every single day.

Each of those moments is your chance to tell yourself…

Be tougher.


That’s it.

Just be a little tougher.

Stop overthinking things...

And be tougher.

When you feel yourself fading at the end of a tough set…tell yourself, “be tougher.”

When you don’t feel like holding the breathing pattern anymore… tell yourself to be a little bit tougher.

I know…

This looks too simple.

Too easy.

I have talked a lot about how awesome self-talk is, and how much it can help your performance in the water (and its importance is why there is a full section devoted to it in our mental skills manual “Dominate the Pool”)…

Try “be tougher” the next time you want to give up on something.

It’s an easy, no-frills way to get more from yourself.

Why do I like this?

It just asks you to nudge a little further…

To give just a little more effort…

To do a just a little more. It’s not asking you to be the toughest. Or to break a world record in practice. Just to go a little further.

You can use it anytime.

And it gives you the power back in moments of adversity…

Yeah, things get tough…

That set seems like it will never end…

But you can choose.

Be tougher.

See you on deck,


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Practice Schedule for Week of January 15

27 Days to Sectionals

Monday      NO PRACTICE, REST!!

Tuesday     6:00am Insanity
                  7:00 am Mental Training
                  3:45 - 5;00 JV
                 3:45 - 6:00 Varsity

Wednesday  6:00am Strength Training
                    6:45am Swim Fail Set
                    3:30 Finish Set up for Middle School Conference
We will need everyones help, this is the future of  Beloit Swimming. Parents talk to Tracy Saladar or Deb Prowse about concession stand. All Swimmers are expect to help in some capacity to make this meet run smoothly.
There will be no evening practice.

Thursday    6:00am Insanity 
                   7:00am Mental Training
                   3:45-6:00 Varsity  JV. Done at 5:00

Friday        3:30 Finish set up for meet
                  Madison West and Janesville Parker Double Dual
                  5:30 Meet
Saturday   Platteville  at UW-Platteville
                 Meet Starts at 11:00am
                 Team Meeting: 7:00am
                 Bus Leaves: TBA

Future: Parents Night will be Friday January 27th

Weekend Summary Sun Prairie and Manitowoc

It was a up and down weekend for the TIDE. Friday we lost to Sun Prairie 118-52.  As in any lose, we learned a lot about ourselves. Due to illness and injury, we moved most of our swimmers around and found out more about our kids. We had great 100 flys, and backstroke swims. One of the highlights was Omar Cancino winning the 500 free.

Saturday we went back to Manitowoc, with Parker to defend our title. We knew going in that it would be a close meet with Parker and Stevens Point(SPASH). As predicted, the meet went to the last event. We finished very strong A and B 400 Free relays, with some awesome splits. The top 3 teams only separated by 18 points.

It was a TOTAL TEAM EFFORT as we did not take 1st place in any events, but all swimmers scoring at least one point. We placed at least one swimmer in the top 8, with one swimmer medaling in 9 of the 11 events. The 200 IM, 50 Free, 100 Free, 100 Breast we placed at least 2 swimmers in the top 6. Our A Relays also finished in the top three.

Final Score
Beloit Memorial 426
Stevens Point SPASH 415
Janesville Parker 408
Manitowoc 256
Brillion/Valdars/Chilton 209
Port Washington 178
Burlington 148
Two Rivers/Roncolli 16

Top 8 Finishes

200 Medley Relay:
2nd A Jim Santas, Jackson Prowse, Adrian Sowicz, Nathan Sill
8th B Max Saladar, Ben Levy, Omar Cancino, Kyle Raisbeck

200 Free: 8th Tyler Davis

200 IM: 3rd Ryan Santas, 5th Jackson Prowse, 8th Omar Cancino

50 Free: 3rd Adrian Sowicz, 6th Will Kolbucar

100 Fly: 4th Adrian Sowicz, 7th Ryan Santas

100 Free: 4th Jim Santas, 6th Kyle Raisbeck

500 Free: 7th Tyler Davis

200 Free Relay:
2nd A Adrian Sowicz, Will Kolbucar, Kyle Raisbeck, Nathan Sill

100 Back: 4th Jim Santas

100 Breast: 3rd Jackson Prowse, 4th Max Saladar, 5th Ben Levy

400 Free Relay:
3rd A Ryan Santas, Jim Santas, Nathan Sill, Jackson Prowse
8th B Will Kolbucar, Omar Cancino, Tyler Davis, Kyle Raisbeck

The TIDE's Next Meets are,
 Friday Jan. 20 
Madison West and Janesville Parker Home
Jan. 21 at the Platteville Invitational at UW Platteville.

Beloit Strong
Beloit Proud

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Practices Cancelled for Tonight All Levels

Do your Homework and get some rest. Back at it tomorrow morning. Get a good nights sleep.

Olivier Leroy on getting your Butt Kicked. Excellent Read

There is one thing I don’t miss from my age group swimming days.

No, it wasn’t the 100x100 holiday sets.

And it’s not even that one pool that was treated with bromide instead of chlorine. (It makes ya retch. So bad.)

Or the time that myself and a couple other swimmers had to do 10x400’s IM between sessions at a competition because we’d swum so poorly in the morning session.

What was it?

It was the car ride home after getting my butt kicked at a big meet.

That long, solitary drive home where you are finally alone with your thoughts and shattered expectations.

The stomach churning.

The disappointment.

Not easy to forget.

And sitting here, writing this, I can feel my belly start to tie itself up just a little bit just by reminiscing on it.

But as the wounds started to heal, and the raw disappointment began to lose some of its sharpness, something else began to take its place.

A maddened, determined rage to do better.

To be better.

I would use the frustration, the disappointment, and the bad performance(s) to fuel a better effort moving forward.

Sometimes, just sometimes…

Getting your butt kicked can be the best thing to happen to you.

After all…

It’s a reminder that maybe you weren’t doing as much as you could have.

Failure is immensely powerful for one particular reason—it can be a course corrector when you need it most.

Those breakouts weren’t as good as they needed to be.

Or you thought that you could sail by without improving your kick.

Or that you really do need to work on your dive, after all.

Failure shows us—rather pointedly, I might add—that what we are doing isn’t working.

It’s humbling.

It’s natural to protect ourselves from wanting to feel that awful, nearly overwhelming sense of despair and disappointment after we wet the pool.

To withdraw to where we are comfortable.

To go back to the habits and training patterns that we know.

Never wanting to put ourselves on the line for fear of just getting let down again.

But when you get your butt kicked is precisely when you should be smashing through those old habits.

Use that anger…

That frustration…

To brave the uncomfortable and to do what you have never done before.

As it turns out, getting your butt kicked periodically isn’t something to be feared.

In fact, it might be just the thing that you need to help you get to the next level.

So maybe I don’t miss it so much after all.

See you in the pool,


Sunday, January 8, 2017

High School Practice Schedule for Week of January 9th.

34 Days to Sectionals

Monday  6:00am Lift 
               6:50am Relaxation Drill
              3:45pm - 5:00 JV
              3:45pm - 6:00 Varsity  Will do individual goal setting first

Tuesday  6:00-6;50 Insanity
               6:50am Finger Lift Drill
               3:45-6:00 Varsity and J.V.

Wednesday  6:00am Lift 
               6:50am Relaxation Drill
              3:45pm - 5:00 JV
              3:45pm - 6:00 Varsity

Thursday  6:00-6:50am Insanity
                 6:50 Finger Lift Drill
               Middle School Swim Meet
                Will need Timers
               Practice at 6:00-7:30pm Varsity
                Yoga 7:30pm

Friday      No Morning
                 NO SCHOOL SLEEP LATE (REST)
                 Sun Prairie Dual Meet 
               2:10pm TEAM MEETING
               2:30pm Bus Leaves
               5:30 Meet Starts
               Bring Money to Eat, we will stop at the Culvers in Cottage Grove

Saturday   Manitowoc Invitational
                7:15am Team Meeting
                7:30am Coach Bus Shared with Janesville Parker
                10:45 Warm-up
                12:00 Meet
                After meet we will stop at Beerntsens Ice-cream and Candy store.
                Mrs. Prowse and Saladar will be talking about their Bus Food.

Beloit Proud
Beloit Strong

Weekend Summary Rock County/Friday/Stoughton

The TIDE started out the New Year with a strong performances this weekend.

We start at Thursday Night Defending our Rock County Title, showing great team effort and depth.
Though Janesville Parker won the majority of 1st places, the TIDE show great resilience and worked together as a team out scoring Parker by 83 points.

The TIDE finished 1st in 4 events and place 4 swimmers or relays in the top 8 in 4 events. The team also had at least 2 or three swimmers in the top 8 in the remaining events.

1st Places:
200 Medley Relay: Jim Santas, Jackson Prowse, Adrian Sowicz, Will Kolbucar 1:46.18

50 Free: Adrian Sowicz 23.95

200 Free Relay: Adrian Sowicz, Will Kolbucar, Kyle Raisbeck, Nathan Sill 1:36.18

100 Back: Jim Santas 1:00.39

Other Medalist: (Top 3)
200 IM: 2nd Jackson Prowse, 3rd Omar Cancino
100 Fly: 2nd Adrian Sowicz, 3rd Ryan Santas
100 Free; 3rd Jim Santas
100 Breast; 2nd Jackson Prowse, 3rd Max Saladar
400 Free Relay: 2nd Ryan Santas, Jim Santas, Nathan Sill, Jackson Prowse

Final Score:
Beloit 739
Parker 656
Milton 407
Craig 269

Friday Night

The TIDE swam a Double Dual with Janesville Craig and #5 Middleton.
We swam very well considering the emotion of the night before. Many best times were swam again. Middleton was very strong but the TIDE had many top 3 finishes verses the Cardinal. The swim of the night was Jackson Prowse winning the 100 breaststroke.

Against Craig the TIDE won 9 of 11 first places going, sweeping several events verses the Cougars.

1st places:
200 Medley Relay: Jim Santas, Jackson Prowse, Adrain Sowicz, Nathan Sill
200 Free: Tyler Davis
200 IM: Jackson Prowse
50 Free: Adrain Sowicz
100 Fly: Adrain Sowicz
200 Free Relay: Adrain Sowicz, Will Kolbucar, Kyle Raisbeck, Nathan Sill
100 Back: Jim Santas
100 Breast: Jackson Prowse
400 Free Relay: Ryan Santas, Jim Santas, Nathan Sill, Jackson Prowse

Final Scores:
Middleton 131 Beloit 39
Beloit 123 Craig 47

Saturday All Day

The TIDE finished 2nd at the Stoughton High School College Events Invitational, for the 3rd year in a row. The TIDE gave Sun Prairie all it could handle leading the meet for most of the meet due to it's depth and TEAM effort. The TIDE had many top 8 finishes in the meet. Because of our work ethic and team philosophy and culture, swam very well in the longer races. We swam very well in the Individual Medleys and stroke events. Our Relays also swam very well; the 400 Medley was the 2nd fastest in school history.

Medalist: (Top 3 Individual)
Jackson Prowse 3rd 100 Breaststroke 2nd 200 Breast
Jim Santas 2nd 100 Back
Adrian Sowicz 2nd 50 Free

Final Score:
Sun Prairie 502
Beloit 476
Parker 398
Baraboo 364
McFarland 359
DeForest 312
Oregon 248
Stoughton 232

The TIDE's next meet is Friday at Sun Prairie 5:30 Start and Saturday at the Manitowoc Invite Noon Start.

Beloit Proud
Beloit Strong