Thursday, August 11, 2016

Be a Student of your Sport (Swimming) What I've Notice Watching the Olympics

For you swimmers who are being students of your sport.
1. Underwater kicking the 5th stroke is important.
2. Control the 1st 50 meters.
3. Face in the water in last 20 meters. Nathan Adrian 1 breath in last 20m.
4. Get technically better
5. Get Physically Stronger
6. Believe in yourself, team and supporters

For those of who are students of our Sport part 2.
6. You can only control your 8' x 75' or 8' x 50mt.
7. Lots of Turns and Underwater Practice,Timing on the Finish
8. Be happy, not satisfied. How do you handle success or Failure, Charecter and pleasing personality.
9. It's a Team Sport, you do not get there by yourself
10. It's about the Process, nothing happens over night.

Part 3
11. Watch Lots of Video. (While Waiting to be interview Phelps and Lochte were watching themselves on the TV replays and self critiquing their 200 IM.)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Championship Weekend: WI LSC State and USA Swimming Central Mega Zone

Final Results will be Posted when we receive them.

It was a Great Weekend at both meets.

At the USA Swimming Wisconsin LSC State Meet all four swimmers participating made at least one B Final, with one swimmer making one A Final.

It was good to see all four swimmers finish strong on the last day.

Christian Daniels (21) finished 10th in the Senior 100 Breaststroke, to finish in the medals. Christian also made B Finals in the 200 and 400 IM's

Devin Green(15) made B finals in the 15-16 age group in the 200 Free, 100 Back, 200 Back, 800 Free. His highest finish coming in the 11th place in the 400 IM.

Anthony Jacobson (13)  Waited to the last day to make the B Final of the 13-14 50 Free.

Heaven Wells (16) Also waited for the last day to make the B Final of the 15-16 50 Free.

USA Swimming Central Zone 14 & Under Championships. (Must be a least a AAA a swimmer).
Beloit TIDE had two swimmers swimming for Team Wisconsin

Faith Sill (12) swam in 5 individual events 50, 100, 200 Fly; 50 Back, 50 Free.
Faith had an outstanding meet finishing with in the top 20% of all 11-12 girls in the meet in her events, all of her events had anywhere from 155-225 swimmers per event. Her best finish was 19th in the 200 Butterfly, her time was fast enough to qualify for the 13-14 Wisconsin LSC state meet.

Ben Saladar (12) swam in 50, 100, 200, 400 Free; 50, 100 Fly. He also swam on all of Team Wisconsin's relays 200 & 400 Free Relays; 200 & 400 Medley Relays anchoring all of the Relays.

Ben became the first Beloit swimmer to ever win an individual Zone Title winning the 50 Free just missing the State Record by less than 1 tenth. Ben also finished 2nd in the 100 Free. He also anchored the winning 400 free relay which broke 4 minutes. Ben's split was a 58.8. for 100 meters. Wisconsin's all other relays finished either 2nd or 3rd.

This was an awesome weekend for all of our kids. 
The Future is Bright for Beloit!!!

Beloit Proud and Strong!!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

12 & Under State, From Coach Kathy

12 & Under Wisconsin State Championships!!
Dear TIDE USA Swimming Families,
What a weekend your 12 and Under State qualifiers enjoyed!! So much to celebrate!!
This past weekend Aidan Donovan and Norah Saladar represented TIDE's 10 and Under group, both competing for the first time at this level. Each of them posted new best times!! Here are their results:
Aidan Donovan: 100 meter Free, 11th Place with a new best time of 1:17.57; 50 meter Fly, 19th Place with a time that right on his seed time.
Norah Saladar: 100 meter Fly, 13th Place with a new best time of 1:29.74, 50 meter Back with a new best time and State Cut of 43.27, 50 meter Free with a new best time and State Cut of 36.30.
McKenzie Jacobson, Ben Saladar and Faith Sill represented the 11-12 age group.
McKenzie Jacobson: In her first trip to State McKenzie swam really well! Here are her results:
100 meter Breast new best time of 1:36.91, 50 meter Back a new best time of 41.43, 50 meter Breast new best time of 42.87.
Ben Saladar: Ben reclaimed his State Champion Title in the 50 meter Free and added another with the 100 meter Free! Here are his results:
50 meter Free posting a new AAAA time and 1st place finish 26.92, 100 meter Free posting a new AAAA time and 1st place finish 59.56, 200 Free posting a new AAA time and 2nd place finish 2:15.37, 400 meter Free posting a new best AA time of 5:03.28 for a 3rd place finish, 50 meter Fly posting a new AAAA time and a 3rd place finish 28.88, 100 meter Fly posting a new AAA time and 3rd place finish 1:97.52.
In the high point rankings for the meet, Ben tied for 3 with long time rival Will Hayon from the Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers.
Faith Sill: Faith posted best times in all of her events!! Here are her results:
200 meter Fly posting a new AA best time and 3rd place finish 2:46.65, 50 meter Fly posting a new AAA best time and 7th place finish 31.50, 100 meter Fly posing a new AAA best time and 8th place finish 1:12.52, 50 meter Back new AA best time 34.84, 100 meter Back new AA best time 1:16.97, 200 meter Back new AA best time 2:44.23. In a time trial Faith posted a new AAA best time in the 50 meter Free 29.89.
Ben and Faith continue their season this weekend by competing in the Central Zone Mega Zones Championship meet in Indianapolis, IN. Please join me in sending waves of good wishes for a great meet!! We are all proud of you!! Now go kick some butt!!!
Please join me in congratulating ALL 5 of these great kids. They swam their hearts out all season to get to this level. Super job!!!
Coach Kathy

Monday, July 25, 2016

14 Days to High School Girls Swimming

Still Need a Physical??

Mrs. Saladar BSN, NP, DNP
Will give Physicals for $25.
Through August 31.

These are Through the Beloit Health Clinic at the old Beloit Mall.

Schedule an appointment ASAP

Girls High School Swimming Starts in 14 Days.

Be Beloit Strong!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TIDE Women and Men Top 25 Teams by NISCA in the Pool

TIDE Women & Men get Nationally ranked 
by NISCA for our size school.

13th for women 24th for men. 
This is for the 2015-16 school year. 
Not only are we tough in the classroom, 
but tough in the Pool.

Last week we made in the classroom, 
This week in the Pool.
Developing and Now Lets Maintain that 

Now let us make 2016-17 an even Better Year (:

Being Beloit Proud & Strong

Monday, July 18, 2016

Olivier Leory Latest Blog Post

You’re waiting for something that is not going to happen.

  • You are waiting to feel fearless before taking the plunge on your big goal.
  • You are waiting for for a sign before you fully commit.
  • You are waiting for self-doubt to evaporate before going all in.
  • You are waiting for something X to happen before taking action on item Y.
  • You are waiting for the negative and stressful parts of your life to go away first.
  • You are waiting until you feel more motivated.
You are waiting, waiting, waiting.

The Fallacy of Motivation

Don’t get me wrong…

I am all for motivation.

There are fewer better feelings than waking up and being truly pumped to get your butt down to the pool so that you can go head-to-head with whatever set coach has pulled from his treasure trove of nightmarish workouts.

But how often do you feel that way?

Sometimes? Occasionally?

And so we fall for the myth of motivation hook, line and sinker, believing that we cannot feel stressed or resistant to the work we have to do.

If we aren’t totally motivated we take it as a sign that maybe we aren’t that committed. Mabye we don’t want this goal that much. That maybe we aren’t as good as the swimmer in the next lane.

And so what do we do?

Wait some more.

How to Be More Motivated, More Often

Look, I am not saying that you can get by without motivation.

Intrinsic motivation, after all, is what drives high level athletes.

Between that and resilience those are the two main differences between champions and “almosts.”

But you need to understand that you don’t always need motivation to start. And that it isn’t something that just happens to us on a whim.

You do have control over how motivated you are on a day-to-day basis...

1. Get in the habit of starting. 

The hardest part of doing anything is the agonizing mental back-and-forth we have in the lead-up to it. 

We run through the gamut of excuses we can use, think of reasons that we can get by without that tough workout… 

But once you start, that resistance melts away pretty quickly, doesn’t it?

2. Make your goals utterly yours. 

Setting a goal to go to the Olympics is swell, but if its your dad’s goal, your coach’s goal, or your friend’s goal it won’t keep you motivated for very long. 

When a goal is irrevocably yours you will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.

3. Remember that you don’t always have to feel like it. 

It’s okay to experience doubt, stress, frustration in the moments when your effort is needed most. 

These are natural. 

It’s what happens next that is all the difference.

See you in the pool,