Sunday, February 19, 2017

Press Release 2/16 TIDE Classroom and Pool Success

It’s been another great year for our swim teams both in the pool and in the classroom.

Heaven Well (11) qualified for her 2nd state meet and finished 8th in the 100 backstroke.
Her time and place qualified her for WISCA All-State Swim Team. Heaven also qualified for the USA Swimming Jr. Nationals in March.

Michaela Fraley-Markley(12) qualified for WISCA Academic All-State and NISCA Academic All-American. Her GPA of 3.880 was easily under the 3.75 GPA required for winning the NISCA Award. Seniors are required to carry this GPA for their 1st 7 semesters.

TIDE Women Win NISCA Academic Team Gold Award for the 12th year in a row. The Varsity Team GPA of 3.775. To win the award, team of a GPA of 3.75.

The Boys swim team qualified all three relays and Jackson Prowse (12) for this weeks state meet. This the 1st time since 1998 that the TIDE qualified all of its relays and sectional participants for the state meet.
Participating in this week's meet:
Jackson Prowse (12)
Omar Cancino(12)
Tyler Davis (11)
Will Klobucar (11)
Kyle Raisbeck (11)
Jim Santas (11)
Ryan Santas (11)
Adrian Sowicz (11)
Nathan Sill(10)
Max Saladar (10)
Ben Levy (10)

Jackson Prowse (12) and Niall Gillen (12) both qualified for both the WISCA Academic All-State and NISCA Academic All-American. Jackson’s GPA is a 3.952 and Niall’s 4.000.

For the 1st time ever after winning silver or bronze awards the last 11 years, the Boys finally won the NISCA Academic Gold Award with a varsity team GPA of 3.754.

Again our teams are not only tough in the pool, but tough in the classroom.

WIAA State Meet Review 2017

The TIDE showed up Saturday at the WIAA State Meet and made a lot of noise.

The 200 Medley Relay started out the meet for the TIDE finishing 2nd in the 1st heat and moved up to 16th place improving it's seed time .18. Final Time; 1:41.59. Time was the 3rd fastest in school history.

Relay Members: Jim Santas (11) 27.14, Jackson Prowse(12) 28.22, Adrian Sowicz(11) 23.88, Nathan Sill(10) 22.35

200 Free Relay drop another 2.2 seconds swimming the 2nd fastest time in school history, finishing in 17th Place. 1:29.49

Members: Adrian Sowicz 22.63, Kyle Raisbeck(11) 22.58, Will Klobucar(11) 22.30, Nathan Sill 21.98. 
Nathan's split was the 5th fastest 50 swam in school history.

Jackson Prowse improved another .5 second in the 100 Breaststroke finishing 2nd in the 1st heat and moving up to 18th place. His time of 1:01.76 is the 5th fastest in school history.

400 Free Relay dropped another .5 second again swimming the 2nd fastest time in school history, Finishing in 22nd place.

Members: Adrian Sowicz 50.10, Kyle Raisbeck 50.47, Ryan Santas 51.77, Nathan Sill 50.81.

The TIDE finished 33rd in the meet of the teams that scored points.

The Future is very Bright for Beloit Swimming. 
The next few years are going to be a lot of fun...

Beloit Proud
Beloit Strong

Monday, February 13, 2017

Beloit Swim on WISCA Blog

February 12, 2017

Wisconsin Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association Blog

-- Has any team qualified all three relays to state with fewer individual qualifiers than Beloit Memorial this year? Maybe, but you'd have to look hard to fine one. After all, strength in relays across the board usually means a team features some state-quality level swimmers. But the Purple Tide -- demonstrating the team commitment you find in coach Dick Vogel's squads -- qualified all three relays with only senior Jackson Prowse qualifying in the 100 breaststroke. Beloit may lack the firepower you see in their Big 8 Conference brethren, but the Tide almost always swims really well at the one meet of the year they point to -- sectionals.

Beloit Proud
Beloit Strong

Saturday, February 11, 2017

TIDE Back at State

Every year we sacrifice for the unknown and every year we bring our best and the results speak for them self.

We came to swim today...
16/18 Life-Time Bests
17/18 Season Bests
All 3 Relays Qualified for State
Jackson Prowse Qualified in the 100 Breaststroke.
Many All-Time Purple TIDE Top Times.

Meet Summary:

200 Medley Relay 6th Place 1:41.75 (5th Fastest School History) State Qualifying
Jim Santas, Jackson Prowse, Adrian Sowicz, Nathan Sill

200 Free:
13th Jackson Prowse 1:53.14
Tyler Davis 1:57.91

200 IM
Ryan Santas 2:12.89
Omar Cancino 2:13.48

100 Fly
Ryan Santas 58.82
Ben Levy 59.68
Omar Cancino 1:00.69
Max Saladar 1:01.00

100 Free
9th Adrian Sowicz 50.54
10th Nathan Sill 51.45
15th Kyle Raisbeck 51.9
16th Jim Santas 52.21
Will Klobucar 53.1

500 Free
Tyler Davis 5:22.81

200 Free Relay 7th Place 1:31.63 (3rd Fastest School History) State Qualifying
Adrian Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Nathan Sill

100 Back
Jim Santas 1:00.23

100 Breaststroke
7th Jackson Prowse 1:02.21 (5th Fastest School History) State Qualifying
Ben Levy 1:05.89
Max Saladar 1:07.67

400 Free Relay 7th Place 3:23.54 (2nd Fastest School History) State Qualifying
Adrian Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Jim Santas, Nathan Sill

This is the first time since 1998 that the TIDE qualified all 3 Relays for the state meet.
The TIDE's next meet is next Saturday at the WIAA State Meet.

Beloit Strong!!!
Beloit Proud!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Boys Swim Banquet Mark the Date

Sunday February 26th 
Rotary Center

More Information to Come

ASCA Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

Talking to athletes about learning it correctly the first time, if you don’t have time to learn it correctly the first time, how will you ever have time to re-learn it correctly?

The three immutable rules of improvement for Life
Show up.
Honor Your Teammates with Your Effort
Do things correctly.

One of the most important aspects of growing up is learning self-regulation. If the parent is a helicopter or Curling Parent, the poor child never gains this life-skill and disaster occurs the first the opportunity presents itself. Imagine the girl who never had a parent-supervised drink at home. Now she’s in college and goes to her first frat party Imagine. 

Autonomy matters. Build some into every practice. A little bit of danger requiring courage matters. Build it into every practice.

Chase one Rabbit. Thanks Coach Confucius. Do one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking is a myth. You can’t do two important things at the same time. Sure, you can wash the dishes while the laundry soaks. But those are not important things. Chase One Rabbit when it matters. (and it always matters, or should). 

John Leonard, ASCA
from Teaching Life Skills to 12 and Unders in Daily Practices

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Practice Schedule Sectional Week

Sectional Week

Monday 3:33-6:00
                               Goal Setting
                               Focus: Turns and DPS

Tuesday 3:33-6:00
                              Mental Training

Wednesday 3:33-6:00
                              Visual Swim 

Thursday 3:33-5:15
                5:15-6:00 YOGA

Friday 3:30-4:30 Warm-up
            4:30 - Shave Down
            5:00-??? Dinner at Pool

Saturday 8:00am Breakfast
               8:45am Mental Training/Video
               9:15am Bus
               1:00pm Meet

We will work on:
 Relay Exchanges, Time Starts, Time Turns 
all week!!!!!

BIG8 Conference Meet Summary

The TIDE finished 7th at the BIG8 meet this past weekend. Madison West beat Middleton for 1st place in the team scores. This ended Madison Memorial's 19 year streak as conference champions. 

Beloit's Highest finish was 9th in both the 200 Medley and 200 Free relays. The Medley relay was made up of Jim Santas, Jackson Prowse, Adrian Sowicz, Nathan Sill. Free relay was Sowicz, Will Klobucar, Kyle Raisbeck, Sill. 

The varsity swimmers, that this was there last meet, swam extremely well. Swimming 16 of 18 lifetime best times. 

The Sectional swimmers set themselves up for a potentially a very strong sectional meet. 

The TIDE's next meet is at Middleton for the WIAA Sectional meet. Meet starts at 1:00pm.

Ticket information has been posted on a previous blog post and on Facebook.

There will be a team meeting 
Monday right after school.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Sectional Ticket Information

ADMISSION:  WIAA admission policy provides for: athletes actually competing, three additional individuals (coaches, managers, etc.), and one administrator.  All other individuals must pay admission.

  • Bleacher seating is available for 400 spectators.
  • Prices are Adult/Student/Child $5.

Presale of tickets are available via TicketLeap online beginning Wednesday, February 8th at 6:00 p.m.  Online tickets may be purchased using the link:

A limited number of tickets will be sold the day of the event beginning at 11 a.m. on a first come first serve basis.  ALL SPECTATORS MUST BE PRESENT TO PURCHASE A TICKET AND MAY NOT PURCHASE FOR ANYONE NOT PRESENT.

History has shown that online tickets sell out within the first hour.  It is imperative that the coaches forward the online ticket information to their coaching staff, athletes and PARENT group ASAP!  Online tickets are limited to 2/person.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

From Olivier Leroy: Faster Recovery

I am constantly on the lookout for new fancy ways to improve my swimming.

Whether it is a technique correction, continually refining and improving my habits, or eating better (sorry body, I will never give up movie theater popcorn), I love stumbling across little hacks and tricks to help me swim like a certified gangster.

While going over some of my workouts from the past year I notice a pattern that made me feel a little, well, silly.

Almost every time I had a full night of rest (a minimum of 8 hours) the next day I would bang out a great workout.

Not every time, but pretty darn close.

Enough that it certainly made me realize that while all the hacks and tricks and tips were great, nothing could replace the effects of getting a quality, full night of rest.

Research done at Stanford with their NCAA Div 1 swim teams backs this up.

After 6 weeks of additional sleep (an extra 1-2 hours per night compared to what the swimmers were getting before), the results were very noticeable:
  • The swimmers were 0.15 seconds faster off of the blocks.
  • They were just over half a second faster in a 15m sprint. (That alone is insane.)
  • And their turn time was a tenth of a second faster.

Swimmers push themselves. 


We have crazy long seasons, crazy long workouts, and for many of us, slightly crazy coaches.

Combined with school, work and what little social life we have it makes for a hectic schedule. So much so that we cut corners for time where we can, and usually the first place we go to is our sleep.

Does this mean you should be sleeping in as late as possible?

Probably not if you have things like school, a job or practice.

But it does mean that you should make a more consistent effort to get the Z’s in.

That’s just one of the effects of using a log book. You notice things you might not otherwise. The big picture stuff that would go otherwise unnoticed in the daily grind of our swimming.