Monday, January 15, 2018

LaFollette Dual & Manitowoc Weekend Summary

It was a very good weekend for the #14 TIDE.

Started out Friday night beating Madison LaFollette, 127 - 31.
This meet again gave us a chance to move kids around and find out more about our team.

1st places and notable swims:

200 Medley Relay: 1st  Ben Levy, CJ Light, Caleb Otto Irvin DeLaTorre 2:01.45

200 Free: 1st Max Saladar, 2nd Matt Locke

200 IM: 1st Nathan Sill, 2nd CJ Light, 3rd Adam Mianecki

50 Free: 1st Ben Saladar 23.49, 2nd Tyler Davis, 3rd Caleb Otto

100 Fly: 1st Anthony Jacobson 1:00.23,  2nd Will Klobucar, 3rd Kyle Raisbeck

100 Free: 2nd Irvin DeLaTorre

500 Free: 1st Max Saladar,  2nd Ivan Perez

200 Free Relay: 1st Adrian Sowicz, Ben Saladar, Nathan Sowicz, Max Saladar 1:45.12

100 Back: 1st Ben Levy

100 Breast: 1st Tie: Ben Saladar / Ryan Santas 1:15.22

400 Free Relay: 1st Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Anthony Jacobson, Ryan Santas 3:44.24

They Win guaranteed the TIDE a winning dual meet season, with our 5 win of the season.

Manty 3Peat

After winning the last two Manty invites by 1 and 20 points; The TIDE made it 3 in a row Saturday, by winning the Manitowoc Invite by over 200 points.
The TIDE won 5 events and had a least one medalist in each event. We also had a least two swimmers in the top 8, in each event and every swimmer scored at least 2 points. Again our depth and all around ability showed. With Jim Santas out with the flu, the team really pulled together and over came his loss.

TOP Swims & Medalist:

200 Medley Relay
1st Place; Ben Saladar, Ben Levy, Adrian Sowicz, Nathan Sill 1:44.56
7th Place: Caleb Otto, Max Saladar, Ryan Santas, Will Klobucar 1:53.65

200 Free
3rd Tyler Davis 1:56. 68
7th Adam Mianecki
8th CJ Light

200 IM
4th Anthony Jacobson 2:11.49

50 Free
1st Nathan Sill 23.57
2nd Will Klobucar
6th Adrian Sowicz
8th Kyle Raisbeck

100 Fly
1st Ben Saladar 56.28
7th Nathan Sill

100 Free
1st Adrian Sowicz 52.24
8th Kyle Raisbeck

500 Free
6th Tyler Davis 5:24.93
7th Adam Mianecke 5:32.63

200 Free Relay
1st Adrian Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Nathan Sill 1:34.80
3rd Anthony Jacobson, Max Saladar, CJ Light, Tyler Davis 1:38.18

100 Back
4th Ben Saladar 58.66

100 Breast
2nd Ben Levy 1:08.88
3rd Anthony Jacobson 1:09.02
6th Max Saladar 1:10.04

400 Free Relay
2nd Ben Saladar, Anthony Jacobson, Kyle Raisbeck, Ben Levy 3:31.13
8th CJ Light, Ryan Santas, Adam Mianecke, Tyler Davis 3:41.29

Final Score:
Beloit 515
Janesville Parker 307
Stevens Point 282
Burlington Coop 245.5
Manitowoc 218.5
Kiel 211
Port Washington 181
Brillion/Valders/Chilton Coop 175
Two Rivers/Roncalli Coop 35

The TIDE's next meet is Friday at 5:30 vs. #3 Madison Memorial and #10 Verona. Three top 15 teams going after it. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekly Practice Schedule Week of January 8th

Morning 6:00-7:00 Lift Shock Week
After School 3:45-6:00

Morning 6:00-6:30 Balcony Tabata's
               6:30-7:00 Turns to Death
After School 3:45-6:00 Buffering Tuesday

Morning 6:00-7:00 Lift Shock Week
After School 3:45-5:30
YOGA 5:30-6:00

Morning 6:00-6:30 Balcony Tabata's
               6:30-7:00 More on Turns to Death
After School 3:45-6:00 Test Set

At Madison LaFollette
Get out of Class 2:15
Bus 2:30
Meet 5:30
Bring Money, going to East Towne after meet.

Manitowoc Invite (2x Defending Champs) Stevens Point is not backing down.
Team Meeting 7:15
Coach Bus 7:30 Traveling with Janesville Parker
Meet Noon
After Meet going to Beernsteen's
Swimmers will have dinner on Bus on way home.

Mega Weekend Summary Rock County/West/Parker/ Marquette

It was an excellent winter break with amazing training, that has set us up for us to be Awesome in January and February.

The TIDE came out of winter break training where we had 2 and half weeks of great uninterrupted  work. We put that great work to use by defending the Rock County Championship with a new record for points scored, winning 7 of the 11 events, two meet records in the free relays, and great team work. We tied Milton for most championships and championships in a row.

Friday Night the TIDE swam past Janesville Parker 108-62, and gave #1 (WISCA coaches poll) Madison West a good meet, losing 114 -56. Score doesn't show how close most of the races were. This meet gave us a chance to see the team swim outside their regular events. We found out a lot about our team Friday, that we are deeper and stronger than they thought. Our team is now stronger, deeper and tougher than ever.

Saturday the TIDE finished 15/30 at the Marquette University High School invitational at the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center. Even though it was the 3rd meet in 3 days the team swam faster than on Thursday night. Proving we can swim fast tired. Our 200 Free Relay of Adrian Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Nathan Sill swam the 7th fastest time in school history and it's not February yet.

Again our program philosophy is showing; strength in the skill events IM, Fly, Back, Breast.  Everyone can swim free, but developing depth in the skill events is were a team strength is. 

Thursday Rock County Championship: Top 8

200 Medley Relay:
A: 1st 1:44.75 Ben Saladar, Ben Levy, Adrain Sowicz, Nathan Sill
B: 2nd 1:50.47 Jim Santas, Max Saladar, Ryan Santas, Will Klobucar
C: 7th 2:01.71 Nick Wadle, Brian Kleinschmidt, Matt Locke, Ivan Perez

200 Free:
1st Anthony Jacobson 1:55.83
2nd Tyler Davis 1:56.18
5th Adam Mianecke 2:02.81
7th CJ Light 2:05.02

200 IM:
1st Jim Santas 2:09.40 Top 10 All Time
4th Ryan Santas 2:16.90
5th Max Saladar 2:19.40

50 Free:
2nd Adrian Sowicz 23.53
3rd Will Klobucar 23.69
5th Kyle Raisbeck 24.09
6th Ivan Perez 26.70

100 Fly:
1st Ben Saladar  55.51
2nd Adrian Sowicz 58.07
4th Ryan Santas 1:01.27
5th Ben Levy 1:02.22

100 Free:
2nd Nathan Sill 52.78
3rd Kyle Raisbeck 53.44
4th Will Klobucar 53.50

500 Free:
3rd Anthony Jacobson 5:26.33
4th Tyler Davis 5:31.30
5th Adam Mianecke 5:36.99
8th CJ Light 6:00.14

200 Free Relay:
A 1st 1:33.98 #MR  Adrian Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Nathan Sill
B 2nd 1:41.22 Light, Mianecke, Davis, Jacobson. Just got out of 500 (AWESOME)
C 5th 1:49.95 Ivan Perez, Kana Wong, Nick Wadle, Matt Locke

100 Back:
1st Ben Saladar 59.16
3rd Jim Santas 1:01.21
6th Caleb Otto 1:08.13
8th Nick Wadle 1:13.31

100 Breast:
1st Ben Levy  1:07.26
5th Max Saladar 1:12.26

400 Free Relay
A 1st 3:31.70 #MR Ben Saladar, Anthony Jacobson, Jim Santas, Nathan Sowicz
B 3rd 3:40.42 Kyle Raisbeck, Ryan Santas, CJ Light, Tyler Davis
C 5th 3:57.78 Adam Mianecke, Caleb Otto, Ben Levy, Max Saladar
D 8th 4:13. 27 Matt Locke, Ivan Perez, Kana Wong, Nick Wadle

Beloit Memorial 824 #MR
Janesville Parker 581
Janesville Craig 420
Milton 311

Madison West, Janesville Parker Double Dual
Final Score: Beloit 108 - Parker 62
                     #1 Madison West 114 - #14Beloit 56

Everyone got to swim Off Events 
200 Medley Relay 1:47.51 Jim Santas, Anthony Jacobson, Ben Levy, Kyle Raisbeck
200 IM Ben Saladar 2:11.24, Tyler Davis 2:21.71
100 Fly Jim Santas 59.31
100 Free Anthony Jacobson 51.72
500 Free Ben Saladar 1st overall 5:18.95
100 Breast Jim Santas 1:09.69
400 Free Relay 3:28.96 Ben Saladar, Anthony Jacobson, Nathan Sill, Adrian Sowicz

200 MEDLEY RELAY 9th 1:44.24  Ben Saladar, Ben Levy, Adrian Sowicz, Nathan Sill
200 IM  Anthony Jacobson 2:11.15
100 Free Adrian Sowicz 50.86
500 Free Adam Mianecke 5:32.08
200 Free Relay 11th 1:32.75 7th Fastest in School History
Adrian Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Nathan Sill
100 Breaststroke CJ Light 1:12.78
400 Free Relay 12th 3:28.84 Ben Saladar, Anthony Jacobson, Tyler Davis, Jim Santas

The TIDE's next meet is Friday at Madison LaFollette and Saturday at Manitowoc Invitational.

Beloit Strong
Beloit Proud

Monday, December 18, 2017

WISCA Coaches Poll

The TIDE opens up at #14 in the Coaches Poll.

The TIDE beat Sun Prairie head to head Friday night and finished ahead of Verona on Saturday at the Beloit Invite. This is the highest that Beloit has started out since the Poll was started. 

The Big 8 Conference Dominates the Poll; with Middleton at #1, Madison West at #2, Madison Memorial at #3, Sun Prairie at #9, Verona at #11. 

People are taking Notice, remember it's starts at practice. 
Becoming Beloit Strong!!!

Division 1 Boys Poll

591 pts
Madison West
565 pts
Madison Memorial
544 pts
Waukesha South-Catholic Memo
469 pts
458 pts
Brookfield Central-Brookfiel
425 pts
Sauk Prairie Co-op
374 pts
Greenfield-Greendale-Pius XI
258 pts
Sun Prairie
207 pts
197 pts
show top 10 Division 1 ranked teams
Verona Area-Mount Horeb
186 pts
Eau Claire Memorial-North
184 pts
169 pts
Beloit Memorial
159 pts
156 pts
West Bend East-West
146 pts
Waukesha North-Kettle Morain
117 pts
Hartford Union-Slinger
103 pts
Marquette University
99 pts

Appleton North-East
88 pts

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Weekend Summary and Practice Schedule Week of December 18th

When You Believe You Can,

Friday the TIDE beat Sun Prairie for the 1st time ever 93-77.

Total Team Effort. It was a tough week with illness, with as much as 1/3 of the team missing from school do to illness and still missing a key member this weekend. But we did what a great team does, pulled together, supported each other and over came.

Even though the meet did go perfect, being unexpectedly swept in the 50 free, and being tied at the break 31-31. We over came adversity as a team.

The TIDE won 8 0f 11 events, winning all three relays. Though we were swept in the 50, we made them earn it, by swimming season best times.

1st Places and Top Swims

200 Medley Relay: 1st 1:45.38 Ben Saladar, Ben Levy, Adrain Sowicz, Nate Sill

200 Free: 1st Anthony Jacobson 1:56.03, 3rd Tyler Davis 1:58.04

200 I.M. 1st Jim Santas 2:10.59, 2nd Ryan Santas 2:14.58, 5th Caleb Otto 2:25.79

100 Fly 1st Ben Saladar 55.31 New School Freshman Record,  3rd Ben Levy 1:00.63, 4th Ryan Santas 1:02.85

100 Free 1st Adrain Sowicz 51.63, 3rd Nate Sill 52.22, 5th Kyle Raisbeck 54.27

500 Free 2nd Anthony Jacobson 5:24.27, 3rd Tyler Davis 5:29.38, 4th Adam Mianecke 5:35.53

200 Free Relay 1st Adrain Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Nate Sill 1:33.71

100 Back: 1st Ben Saladar 57.76 New Freshman Record,  2nd Jim Santas 59.93

100 Breast: 2nd Ben Levy 1:08.98

400 Free Relay 1st Ben Saladar, Anthony Jacobson, Jim Santas, Nate Sill 3:28.74

Saturday The TIDE finished 3rd at the 
Beloit Invite College Events (13 Teams)

Defending State Champs Waukesha won meet with Sauk Prairie getting 2nd.

This was our highest finish in this high quality meet. We battled Sauk Prairie most of the meet for 2nd, we just ran out of depth. The TIDE had many great swims. Even though we finished the meet very tired, we showed our toughness by breaking the school Varsity Record in the 800 Free Relay, breaking the old record by 12 seconds.

400 Medley Relay: 5th 4:00.10 Anthony Jacobson, Ben Levy, Ryan Santas, Adrain Sowvic

200 Free: 2nd Tyler Davis 1:57.44

50 Free: 3rd Nathan Sill 23.22, 4th Adrian Sowicz 23.77, 5th Will Klobucar 24.01, 6th Kyle Raisbeck 24.21

100 Back 3rd Jacobson 59.31 5th Jim Santas 1:00.66

100 Breast 4th Ben Levy 1:09.58

400 Free Relay 5th 3:34.02  Ben Saladar, Tyler Davis, Adam Mianecke, Nathan Sill

200 Free Relay 3rd 1:34.47  Adrian Sowicz, Kyle Raisbeck, Will Klobucar, Jim Santas
                          4th 1:38.78 Ben Levy, Ryan Santas, CJ Light, Tyler Davis

100 Free 5th Ben Saladar 52.24, 6th Nathan Sill 52.33

200 IM  3rd Jim Santas 2:12.05, 7th Ryan Santas 2:16.31

100 Fly 3rd Adrian Sowvic 58.26, 4th Ben Saladar 59.22,  8th Ben Levy 1:01.90

200 Back 8th Anthony Jacobson 2:10.69 New Freshman Record  

800 Free Relay 4th 7:51.69 Ben Saladar, Anthony Jacobson, Tyler Davis, Nathan Sill 
                                 New Varsity Record  

Practice Schedule for Week of December 18
Starting Winter Break Practices NOW!!
Monday:  6:00am Lifting
                 6:45am Swimming
                 3:45pm Swimming

Tuesday: 6:00am Lifting in Balcony
                6:45am Mental Prep
                3:45pm Swimming

Wednesday: 6:00am Lifting 
                      6:45am Swimming
                      3:45pm Team Picture
                      4:15pm Swimming

Thursday: 6:00 Lifting Balcony
                   6:45 Mental Training
                   3:45pm Swimming

Friday: 3:45pm Swimming 100 x 100 1:30

Saturday, Sunday, Monday REST, REST, and REST
Looking ahead, Winter Break Practices are 8:00-11:00am
Becoming Beloit Strong!!!!!